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Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley, CA, United States

An inspirational and patient tutor is required to work with a young boy, aged 8. He will be starting back at school in September after the Covid-19 break in last years curriculum and a full-time tutor is required to support and assist him to access, understand and develop the curriculum which will be delivered online for the foreseeable future.

The Tutor should be in compliance with the school’s philosophy and make sure that all objectives are met and exceeded where possible. The role is most likely to take place in Silicon Valley, California. The second semester may see a change in US location.

Student  Information


G5 English Subject


English Language and Literature 

G5 Education - Core Subject Mathematics


Calcualtion and Problem Solving 





My Qualifications & Tutoring Experience

The student is a kind, playful and quite introverted boy who enjoys family and friend relationships alike. He is an only child so relies on his many friendships. He is well-liked by family, teachers and school mates. He is devoted to his two beloved pet dog, Arthur and Phoney .  Further pastimes and interests include skiing, soccer, tennis. He particularly loves sport-related endeavours, playing and competing with friends. He is a devoted Skier and absolutely loves taking part in the all areas of the snow related past-time. As at school, He works best with fun and firm instructors and teachers.

His school record has includes some excellent highs in literacy, as well as areas of difficulty in numeracy. He is young for his age groups and this fact often makes him reserved in confidence. His parents have made the decision to repeat 3rd Grade given his young age and curriculum break in early 2020. His school reports and additional assessments have certainly highlighted some solid achievements, namely his ability to express ideas and to excel in class presentations. He possesses strong verbal and communication skills while struggles with numerical assignments.

His strong verbal and literacy skills serve him well in terms of composing imaginative and descriptive stories and also allow him to perform school presentations with ease. His numerological processing allows him to write numbers as they appear, but struggles more when it comes to the more abstract numerical calculations. He has improved in terms of calculations and becoming more fluent and correct in his approach to answers, nevertheless, there is work to be done in order to bring him up to average level with her peers in problem solving.

Numeracy has been an area of concern in the past and calculation being a main area of concern. His more recent reports have shown an improvement in his work, showing him to be satisfactorily accurate at peer level. Continued support to develop effective numeracy skills and encouraging calculation practice has been recommended. His maths recall, use of multiplication and division facts and ability to make calculative connections are improving; whereas he still struggles with multi-step directions in numeracy problem solving. 


He can lose focus and become distracted when content is not delivered in digestible segments, yet displays good strong abstract reasoning skills and responds well to in small groups and with tutored support. He is conscientious and possesses happy manner, always adopting a good work attitude. He will ask for help if required and works well in a quiet, calm environment.  His teachers to date have all commented on his cooperative nature. 

Student Ability

"Cooperative with good attitude to her studies"

  • Literacy Skills:  Reading - Average for peer group

  • Literacy Skills: Writing - Average for peer group

  • Verbal Communication - Above Average for hpeer group 

  • General Knowledge - Average for peer group

  • Numeracy Skills: Calculation - Average for peer group 

  • Numeracy Skills: Problem Solving - Below Average for peer group 

  • French Language - Average for peer group

IPT California

Tutor Expectations

Tutor Expertise 

Tutor Qualities & Abilities 

The first semester will most likely take place in Silicon Valley, California. Proposed secondary locations may include: Old Grenwich, New York or Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada. The purpose of this role is to support the student's remote school tuition, effectively bringing online lessons to life and creating an in-house classroom beyond the screen, during Covid-19 restrictions. The varied location sites offered in with this role should have no intrusive effect or break in the quality of tuition provided by the tutor, moreover, they should serve to enrich further learning opportunities and exploration for the student.

The main support required is to help the student make a smooth transition into the new school year post-covid school break, albeit virtually. He will not be sharing the online classroom with his usual classmates and everything and everyone will be new to him. With this in mind, the tutor will assist in the interim to make the new environment as smooth and stress-free as possible.

The ideal tutor will be well-accustomed to providing individual support and responding to customised needs. A background in Mathematics is desirable and assistance in multistep calculation numerical strategies would be of huge benefit, along with a nurturing and patient approach.


The tutor will aim to comply with the school educational philosophy and endeavour to help the student meet the school’s overall academic objectives. The student is expected by the school to produce high quality materials where appropriate. The tutor will provide the support that the student undoubtedly needs to help build his confidence and develop his overall educational experiences.  Specifically in writing and reading, the tutor will aim to maintain and build on her current achievements. The tutor will break concepts down into smaller chunks and give time for adequate practice, without the normal constraints or time pressures of a standard classroom dynamic. It has been recommended that he receive extra time allocation whenever needed, in order to reinforce ideas and allow time to digest foreign concepts. The numeracy difficulties expressed in the above section should be addressed and we hope to see positive development and improvements in the areas where is delivering a below average comment. 

In addition to the supportive role this position demands, an understanding of the American educational system is valued. Technology and a range of electronic devices form a main part of the American modern curricula, we expect the tutor will incorporate them for the students educational purposes but will also avoid excessive exposure during out of school hours.  Encouragement of his other hobbies and activities is essential and ideally we wish to find a tutor who shares in some of his interests. A knowledge of French would also be an advantage. 

   Basic Contract Information

Hours of Work

The tutor is expected to work around 40 hours a week, offering support and extension to the student's school hours on weekdays. 

The tutor will be entitled to two consecutive days off per week, usually at weekends, in keeping with the school timetable.

Holidays & Vacation

The standard minimum 9 weeks (45 working days) of paid vacation allowance applies to this contract. It is expected that the Tutor’s holiday will be taken at times based around the children’s schedules. The Client will endeavour to give two weeks’ notice of when these times will be.

Accommodation & Travel 

The tutor will be provided with furnished accommodation close to the Client’s home. They will be given access to a car if necessary and be responsible for their own personal phone bill. The client will cover all other expenses.

Job Description & Application

ITP JD California
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