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Mel T.

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My Qualifications & Tutoring Experience

I graduated Trinity Hall College, University of Cambridge (BA) Languages & Linguistics in 2012.  I followed my undergraduate study with a masters qualification in Linguistics from University College London, which I undertook on a part-time basis over 2 years.


During my masters study I worked as a private tutor in London where I assisted international students with English Language studies for academic purposes. I took the opportunity to study for my CELTA qualification during the first year of my masters study. 


I joined the British Council in 2014 and for the next four years I worked in various locations in Asia as an IELTS examiner. I was based at the British Council offices in Chongqing in my second year and this gave me the opportunity to travel extensively to a variety of locations across China. It was during my second year, I decided to study for my Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults and achieved my DELTA qualification a year later. 


Working as an IELTS Examiner for the British Council in China gave me the chance to explore far more than my own skills and abilities. I had the unique opportunity to explore all sides of Chinese culture, while assessing written and spoken English skills of students studying for Cambridge English exams at all levels of the exam programme.


It was during my time at the British Council I began to appreciate  the importance of cultural relations and educational opportunities that the UK educational system can offer to international students across the world. I believe it has become a fundamental core value in my own professional growth. I now endeavour to create friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and people of other cultures. I believe it is important to make a positive contribution to changing lives by creating opportunities, building connections and engendering trust through Education.

It was expressly for this reason that I found a position with G5 Education. I  began working for G5 Education at the beginning of 2018 after returning from Asia. Over the past 2 years I have achieved 

very satisfying results, both for myself and my clients.


My work for G5 education involves providing our clients with English language coaching and training. The goal is to support clients to gain the required English language standards to attend schools and universities in the UK. I offer my clients additional academic and personal support which is needed to confidently navigate the key transition points in their school careers, giving them the optimum chance to gain entry into the most selective universities in the country. 

Through my individual tuition style and training approach, I set out to inspire my clients to dream big in the belief that they can go on to become our future leaders and innovators in their own chosen career paths. 

It is a great personal achievement to now be in a position offer our English language programmes to our clients in many European countries and I look forward to maintaining strong relations with our European neighbours.


G5 Education CPE

Cambridge English Academic English 

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Cambridge English University Entrance 

IELTS Exam Preparation 

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Teaching Style

"I create friendly, knowledge based tutorials focused on developing coherent and fluent English language skills.

  • Building confidence in the use of English  language 

  • Tutorials are focused on one main key objective, to teach articulation of the English Language to a high level. 

  • Promotion of progressive building of language learning skills

  • Students will learn how to think and express themselves accurately & confidently in English

  • tutorials are centrally focused on building up student/tutor rapport 

Qualification & Experience 

Melanie Trighton

B.A. Language & Linguistics  

Graduated 2012

- Trinity Hall College, University of Cambridge 

Tutoring Experience 

4 years full-time professional tutor 

- Cambridge English YLE & Schools, All Programme 

- Cambridge English IELTS Preparation 

- Cambridge English Academic English, All Programmes 

- Tutorials in preparation for 11+ 13+ and 15+ Exams 

M.A. Linguistics  

2012 - 2014

- University College London 

Senior Schools Admissions Advisor 

2 years full-time admissions specialist

- Detailed understanding of the applications process for UK Schools Entrance procedures

- Assistance with school tours and meetings, school applications and interview/presentation skills

Roles of Responsibility

8 years 

- 2 years private tutoring; English language for academic purposes 

- 4 years IELTS Examiner, British Council, Asia 

- 2 years professional English language tutor

- 2 years UK Schools admissions advice specialist 

DBS Approved 

Since 2014

- Melanie has been approved by DBS 

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Quality Assurance

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Our Tutors have all been interviewed and fully vetted by the G5 team. We only hire tutors that are graduates of Russell Group Universities. Tutors have fulfilled our grade criteria and have passed a detailed application process to ascertain their commitment to their role. Our in house team of education expects have personally assessed each new tutor for  them for subject knowledge, communication skills and general tutoring approach. All our tutors undergo a rigours induction and training programme and are regularly supported and assessed in order to uphold the highest quality assurance standards. Our exam results remain high and we continue to provide students worldwide with satisfaction. Every tutor who appears on our website have passed DBS check. If any client using our service has any concerns then please contact us immediately.

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