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John F.

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Tutor Information


My Qualifications & Tutoring Experience

John graduated from the University of Warwick in 2009 with a 1st Class Honours degree in Mathematics. During his time at Warwick University John was a Supervisor in the university’s Mathematics Department providing support to small groups of first-year Mathematics and Statistics students at the university with their work.

Since 2012 John has worked full-time as a private mathematics tutor in Leeds and has thousands of hours of experience tutoring at a range of levels including Key Stage 3, GCSE, A-Level and Undergraduate Mathematics. During his time as a tutor John has tutored students who have successfully gained places at some of the most prestigious universities in the UK including Oxford University, Warwick University and London School of Economics to study towards degrees in subjects such as Mathematics, Computer Science and Philosophy, Civil Engineering and Economics and Finance.

John sees mathematics from a mathematicians point of view. He is  not a physicist or chemist or biologist who does a bit of maths tuition – nor  a mathematician that does a bit of science tuition. John tutors solely in Mathematics. 

In 2019 John contributed to the writing of two A-Level Mathematics textbooks by one of the most popular textbook publishers in the country, CGP; one textbook on Pure Mathematics and a second on Statistics and Mechanics. In recent years he has also written three complete 120-page workbooks for a major UK-based tuition franchise on GCSE Mathematics and A-Level Mathematics.

John doesn’t ever compromise on the quality of tuition that he provides — his main priority is to make sure that his students have the confidence, knowledge and understanding that they need to achieve their full potential. John is passionate about his specialist subject — mathematics — and aims to pass on his enthusiasm to others.

John works full-time with Maths students who feel that they need a bit of extra support with their school work, homework or exam revision; you or your child receive quality, professional maths tuition from an experienced maths tutor who has experienced the difficulties and struggles first-hand of GCSE, A Level maths and Further Maths and University maths.

John provides one-to-one tuition for mathematics students from GCSE through to A-Level and university maths and can also tutor for QTS numeracy tests and various other mathematics and numeracy-based tests.

John is an active mathematician in the sense that he still learns about mathematics on an almost daily basis.  He takes the subject of Mathematics very seriously. John possesses, specialist mathematical knowledge which shows students, not only how to do the A Level stuff – but also discuss how it comes about in more detail. 

John tutors students to think about mathematics like mathematicians.


G5 Education - Core Subject Mathematics



G5 Education - Core Subject Mathematics


A - level:  AS & A2

G5 Education - Core Subject Mathematics


A-Level Advanced Extension Award (AEA) in Mathematics papers and Sixth Term Extension Papers (STEP I, II and III)

G5 Education - Core Subject Mathematics


MAT: Oxford Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT)

G5 Education - Core Subject Mathematics


QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) examinations

G5 Education - Core Subject Mathematics


Undergraduate Mathematics:

based courses including courses on Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Metric Spaces, Galois Theory, Groups, Rings, Basic Mathematical Statistics, Fourier Series and Transforms, Ordinary Differential Equations, and Linear Partial Differential Equations.

Teaching Style

"I live and breathe mathematics and I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to do what I love doing every day"

  • Enthusiastic about solving mathematical problems; passing on this enthusiasm to my students.

  • Tutors students to think about mathematics like mathematicians.

  • Promotes knowledge based learning to achieve exams success  & not the other way around.

  • Importance of mathematicians mind-set, when it comes to preparing for/sitting exams. 

  • Offers students the opportunity to raise any issues or difficulties that they may be having with their work and helps them to solve their own problems. 

  • Provides careful explanations to students so they understand what is happening & in turn, begin to understand the problem they are faced with.

Qualification & Experience 

M.MATH. Mathematics 

Graduated 2009

- Graduated from University of Warwick  with 1st Class Honours for the Master of Mathematics (MMATH) course

Teaching Experience 

7 years full-time professional tutor

- All Mathematics disciplines

- All Mathematical exams from GCSE to MAT  & QTS Exams

John F.


A-Level Mathematic Textbooks contribution by CGP

- A-Level Year 1/AS Mathematics : Statistics and Mechanics    ISBN : 9781789083620

 - A-Level Year 1/AS : Pure Mathematics   

ISBN : 9781789083613

Roles of Responsibility

9  years 

- Employed by Warwick University as a mathematics department supervisor (2008-2009).

- 8 years private tutoring business 

DBS Approved 

Since 2015

- John has been approved by DBS

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Quality Assurance

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Our Tutors have all been interviewed and fully vetted by the G5 team. We only hire tutors that are graduates of Russell Group Universities. Tutors have fulfilled our grade criteria and have passed a detailed application process to ascertain their commitment to their role. Our in house team of education expects have personally assessed each new tutor for  them for subject knowledge, communication skills and general tutoring approach. All our tutors undergo a rigours induction and training programme and are regularly supported and assessed in order to uphold the highest quality assurance standards. Our exam results remain high and we continue to provide students worldwide with satisfaction. Every tutor who appears on our website have passed DBS check. If any client using our service has any concerns then please contact us immediately.

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