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The G5 admissions service exist to create a level playing field for all applicants to UK schools and universities. 

G5 admissions services include every part of the pre- and post-admissions process for both schools and universities in the UK. We have supported many families through the admissions process, we would be happy to help you also.

Admissions Advice 

The G5 Education admissions strategy has proven success. It offers high ranking outcomes to international students who wish to get the best results from British education at every level.

Our Strategy clearly outlines all the options open to the student. Advisors, parents and students together devise a plan that will give them the best chances of gaining to access the top schools and universities in the UK. 


We devise an academic study programmes for each of our clients depending on their pre or post admissions status. Student academic assistance is offered on topics ranging from Common Entrance and Scholarship for all levels (including Prep School, 11+, 13+ and 16+), school lessons and homework support with exam focus preparation for GSCE /A-levels and assistance with University papers, as well as English language support.



G5 Education Experts attend education seminars all over the world. We welcome people in person and online members to attend any of our symposiums. Our discussions are based on entrance to university and schools in the UK. We take our members through a schedule of admissions and give advise and recommendations on any part of the admissions process. 

Short Courses & Programmes 

G5 Short Course and Tour Programmes are varied. G5 tours, arrange all parts of the programme, from arrival to departure, Tours are fully-guided, include meetings with current students and staff. Our short courses take place at the UK's most prestigious schools and universities. Students develop 

fundamental skills, interact with other students and gain first-hand experience of life abroad.


Our expert tutors are all from top British universities & are very sympathetic to the stress of exam study; they can counsel you through. We offer academic assistance with school lessons, homework, with a special focus on exam technique at GSCE and A-level. We believe that working consistently is the key to achieving high marks at exams!

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