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T. Rosenburg
Teddy Rosenburg - G5 Admissions Advisor for UK Universities
Teddy Rosenburg G5 University Admissions
G5 Education

Teddy Rosenburg


B.A. English Language & Literature; Magdalen College, 

University of Oxford.

MSc. Management - UCL School of Business,

University College London 


ETRA: Middle East, KSA 

Kingdom Teachers Group, Middle East, Dubai

Kingdom Teachers Group, Beijing, China 

G5 Education, London, UK


G5 Admissions Advisor for Universities in the UK 

G5 Tutor English Language and Literature  

G5 University Applications, Personal Statements, Interview Skills


Business Management Skills 

Business Consultant 

Public Speaking 

Hello! I'm Teddy

I specialise in finding the best matches for our students at the top UK universities. I offer a fully integrated service, covering all aspects of the process from advising on subject/course choices to university application support.

I run a bespoke advisory admissions service, providing clients with their own unique university admissions strategy. Each plan is customised for each individual by myself and supported by our admissions team of experts. 


Alongside this work I run higher education seminars and events for staff, students, and parents. In the UK, I am a regular speaker at Higher Education events advising on UK university admission strategy.

Hello Teddy


2 0 1 8 - 2 0 2 0
   G5 Education Admissions Advisor for UK Universities
G 5   E d u c a t i o n ,  L o n d o n ,   U K

KT was merged with G5 Education in June 2018 with the specific aim of expanding the educational services we offer. Having a proven record of building strategic partnerships in higher education in Asia and the Middle east over a 10 year period, I returned to the UK in 2018 with a new primary focus on building my education consultation work. I have a new role in G5 Education as Admissions Advisor for G5 Education n the UK and am greatly looking forward to this new challenge.

2 0 1 5 - 2 0 1 8
  Director of Education Services
K i n g d o m  T e a c h e r s,  D u b a i,  U A E  &  B e i j i n g ,  C H I N A

As Education Services Director of KT, I was responsible for all areas of planning, organisation, recruitment & management of the business strategies for gaining education business contacts. My primary area of business was concerned with winning recruitment service contracts supplying ESL teachers to all areas of the Middle East.  KT's next big challenge came in 2016 when we moved to expand our business into Asia. We created workable strategies to develop relationships with clients, suppliers and other partners in Asia. My work here involved careful strategic planning & positioning of the appropriate recruitment strategies with the specific aim to enhance the operation of the business, position & reputation in these countries.

2 0 0 9  - 2 0 1 5
  E.T.R.A. Director
E n g l i s h  T e a c h e r s   R e c r u i t m e n t   A g e n c y ,  D a m m a m,  K S A

First point of contact for educational clients. Full needs analysis based on sound principles of pedagogical and business needs. Liaise with local agents to ensure our teacher clients receive a bespoke, personalised service that helps them achieve their professional goals. 

Teddy Experience


Teddy Education
1 9 9 6 - 1 9 9 9 
Magdalen College, University of Oxford 

B.A. English Language & Literature

2:1 (Hons.)

2 0 0 8 - 2 0 0 9
UCL School of Business, University College London

M.Sc. Management


Teddy Services
University Admissions Advise & Personalised Strategy
Senior Tutor for English Language
Interview and Presentation Training
Senior Tutor for English Literature
Personal Statement Assistance
University Tours & Introductions



Business Management 

This role comes with incredible responsibility, from reaching goals in terms of recruitment targets to 

managing team productivity. While this role varied from company to company, I was centrally tasked with keeping their departments making progress and working at peak efficiency.

Business Consultant 

As a Business Consultant, I was concerned with the strategy, structure, management and operations of the companies I have worked for.  My main skills involved working to identify options for the organisation and suggest recommendations for change, as well as advising on additional resources to implement solutions. 

Public Speaking 

As a dynamic and well-prepared speaker, I find these skills have been highly valued by my clients and business partners.  It has earned me leadership positions and important client contacts.  Any job that involves the elements of communication, teaching or persuading will know the importance of public speaking skills.

Teddy Expertise
Contact Teddy
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